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Elite International Provides consultancy services in Health and Safety. Our health and safety consultancy and advisory services can help your business with risk assessments, audits, policies, and manuals




Based on our experience we work closely with companies in a wide range of sectors to help you find the solutions to any health and safety, and environmental issues as effectively as possible. We have a proven track record of developing positive, long-term relationships with organisations of all sizes and in a wide range of sectors across globally.


Audit Services

All Companies wishing to conduct AUDIT SERVICES IN UAE are subject to an annual external audit of their Financial Records by a qualified auditing firm. It maintains transparency and assures compliance with official regulations. Here comes the role of auditors.

Elite International has an expert team of auditors. We conduct OSHAD Audit, OSHAD Registration, ISO Audit, ISO Certification, HSE (Health and Safety) Audit, QMS(Quality Management System) Audit, Surveillance Audit services for our clients.

We are certified and authorized auditors to provide all necessary services to the widest possible range of clients, for all of their External Audit requirements. We work professionally and as per the standard procedures. Our auditors recommend timely improvements in the company’s financial, operational, and strategic policies & procedures.




Instrument calibration is one of the essential procedures used to keep up instrument accuracy. Calibration is the way toward designing an instrument to give an outcome to an example inside a worthy range. We provide calibration of various testing & measuring instruments either at your site or at our facility for various industrial and commercial needs through our associate companies. Our associates are approved by DAC and the certificate will indicate the same. Please specify at the time of ordering regarding your specific requirement of DAC certified calibration.



ELITE INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SUPPLY focus on helping business across UAE by providing the best personnel for their business needs. We always look forward to providing qualified workforces like Construction, Oil and Gas, Mechanical, Electrical, Safety, FMCG, and more. With so many construction projects underway in the Middle East, flexible, reliable, and efficient solutions for your manpower outsourcing requirements are essential. Simply put, our employees are better trained, better managed and better looked after than those from other vendors. Simply put, our employees are better trained, better managed and better looked after than those from other vendors. Every line manager undergoes internationally recognized health and safety training. And every new employee undergoes an immediate half-day health and safety induction, supported by technical training and, throughout the year, yet more follow-up. Over a year, this adds up to thousands of hours of training. Why do we invest so heavily in our people? Because it improves their capabilities and performance and minimizes the chances of on-site accidents.



Reports & Assignments

Many individuals are scared by and unaware of how to begin producing reports. Writing Services for reports and assignments might be helpful in this situation.

We at our business are aware of how difficult it may be to create a report from start. We provide a variety of report writing services to assist you fulfill your unique demands because of this.

We offer a Service that can meet your demands, ranging from editing and formatting to generating unique reports. Additionally, our expert writing staff is ready around-the-clock to assist you in submitting your report on time.


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